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5 Tips for Comfortable Work Heels

Posted on December 05 2018


If you're like me, you might cringe when thinking about wearing heels. As much as I love standing taller than 5'2", the pain just isn't worth it for me. What I realized is that I was buying the wrong type of heels. I went for the 4" skinny stiletto I saw in ads. A few minor corrections to what I bought and now I'm happy and confident in my heels. 

Here are the top 5 things I look for when buying work heels… 

1. Soft / padded insoles

Sub $100 heels will often have cheaper insoles. You'll find that they have a thin lining or they might have a hollow feel in the shoe. Stay away from these, you won't get the support you need throughout the day. Instead, look for a heel that has a good quality insole, or even better, one with padding, and it'll provide a little more give/flexibility throughout the day. 

2. 2-3" heel height

Don't make the mistake I did, stay away from super high heels during the workday. You can convince yourself that you can handle it, but it's not worth it. I prefer heels that are between 2-3 inches. They're high enough to give you that extra height, but low enough so that your foot isn't in an uncomfortable arch all day long. 

3. Thicker than stiletto heels

My ideal heel thickness is around 3/4" in diameter. This is the hardest to find actually. Most heels I see on the market are either standard skinny heels (1/4") or super chunky (2"). Chunky heels are going to be the most comfortable, but sometimes it might not go with every outfit. If you stick with a skinny heel, try to find one that falls right below the center of your heel to give you the most balance.


4. Fitted toebox: 

This is a friendly reminder that you need to find a heel that feels comfortable around your toes. Very often, you'll find heels the squish your toes super tight. Don't convince yourself that you'll stretch them out - if you're uncomfortable walking around the store in them, it's unlikely that you'll wear them long enough to stretch. 



5. Rubber soles (for harsh winter cities)

If you're walking around wet/icy cities, you'll definitely want to invest in some heels with rubber soles. Sometimes it may give off a more sporty look, but some brands (like Michael Kors) make it very subtle. The added benefit of rubber soles is that they give a little extra padding between you and the concrete. 

Hope this was helpful! Drop a comment if you have any other tips or favorite brands to share. 



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