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Resources to help you like and thrive in your career

Posted on April 05 2019




Daria, we feel you girl. We know it's unrealistic to always love your job, but at 925 Redefined we want to help you enjoy it, have pride in it, and thrive in it. Sometimes all you need is a better relationship with your team. Other times, you might want a complete career change. Whatever it is, we've pulled together this list of female focused career blogs and websites to help you make the big or small change necessary to enjoy your "9 to 5". We'll try to keep this list as updated as possible, so comment below with any we missed.


Career Contessa

If You Appreciate Structure

Started in 2013, Career Contessa has it all - career oriented articles, Q&A with professionals, templates, tools, coaching, the list goes on… This is one of our favorite sites because it's super easy to navigate. It organizes articles by topic and sub-topics, and interviews by industry not date. Kudos to the website designer - your folder structure skills are on point!

Also, check out their podcast "Femails". It's really well done with thoughtful probing questions.



If You Want Tactical Fashion and Career Advice

Corporette is probably one of the OGs when it comes to career blogging. It was founded in 2008 and still going strong. Kat, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief, has the corporate experience to be a credible source. She's written on so many topics over the years and has organized it really well in the "start here" section of her blog. Our favorite part - she organizes her career topics based on where you are in your career.


Create & Cultivate

For the Creator & Entrepreneur

Maybe it's the branding or videos of hundreds of motivated women, but something about C&C gets us really excited when we visit their site. C&C is best known for their large scale events, but their blog also has some really interesting content about career development. If you've started your own company, or thinking about it, C&C is a great place to read up on how other women did it, are doing it, and stay on top of it.


Fairy God Boss

For the Reddit Lover

Fairy God Boss is structured similar to reddit. If you're not familiar with reddit, it might be a little confusing and feel noisy. Instead of posting articles onto a blog, they invite their community to spin up conversations. There's about 14 different topics (aka sub-reddits) filled with relevant articles and resources. They also received $10M in Series A funding in March 2019, so it's always exciting to support another female founded company making big moves!



The All Around

If you're looking for life development with a Millennial/Gen-Z twist- Girlboss might be the place for you. It covers everything from career tips, to money management, wellness, beauty and even identity. It's a great place to explore and get lost in interesting topics you didn't even know you were interested in - like why I shouldn't wear Notorious RBG merch.


925 Redefined

Filling in the Gap

Unfortunately, we don't mean the pay gap - that'll require our collective effort. 925 Redefined is our opportunity to have a voice - a voice in making workwear fashion fun and exciting, and a voice in helping you stay motivated and fulfilled in your careers. We're here to talk about things you care about that others aren't talking enough about. We're always open to new ideas, so tell us what gap we can fill!


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