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Favorite Work Fashion Bloggers and Influencers of 2018

Posted on December 31 2018

Workwear is going through a great transformation right now. Dress codes are evolving and women are breaking away from the traditional uniform by incorporating their personal style into weekday wardrobes. I'm personally stoked by this (hence why I created Project 925) and I love the idea of feeling more confident in your own "skin" in the workplace.

We've gotten a lot of requests for workwear inspiration, so to wrap up 2018 I've pulled together my favorite stylish professionals (who also happen to be workwear focused influencers and bloggers). These women are killing it in their careers every day and keeping it stylish along the way.


Marketer | The OG workwear blogger
I'm already an instant fan since Anh has the same name as my  mom. Anh has an elegant, chic, and modern style that keeps you inspired. She's amazing at creating color consistent outfits, where she pulls together pieces in different shades of the same color and her collection of coats is to die for.


Industrial Engineer | Minimalist chic
Nessa has a fresh, clean, stylish look. I love that she admits it's tough to look great every day, but it is important to feel confident in every outfit in case you get pulled into an important meeting unexpectedly.



Co-Host @notwonderwomanpodcast and Lawyer | Having fun with work appropriate pieces
Sometimes you'll see Cyran in suits, other days midi skirts and dresses, and often in patterns and bold colors. Cyran's style is great and her blog covers off on relevant and helpful topics for professional women. Even cooler is that she started a podcast demystifying the fallacy of the "woman having it all" #keepitreal #highsandlows #weallhavethem



Finance professional | Classic corporate with lots of mixing and matching
This is truly a daily diary. Alana mixes and matches pieces in her closet to show how versatile you can make your work clothes. She provides great daily tips and shares my passion for helping you feel and look great!



Consultant | Pulling off color like nobody's business
Stella is leading the charge on incorporating color into your work wardrobe and pushes me to be more bold in my color choices. She really shows that with confidence, you can pull off anything!


Tech Consultant | Casual with professional polish
In an era where jeans are becoming more acceptable at work, Katy is great at creating outfits I can see in and out of the office. It's casual enough to wear on the weekends and polished enough to lead meetings. Plus her cookie crafting skills are unbelievable.



Accountant | Classic corporate
Despite being excited about changing up the corporate dress code, I have to admit, I do love the clean lines of traditional business professional. Kim always looks ready for any exec meeting in her classic corporate outfits and keeps it fun with pops of color every now and then.



IP Lawyer | Classic corporate with a feminine touch
Paxton keeps it real with her account and is passionate about sharing the ups and downs of being a working professional woman. She always looks great and has a positive attitude, but isn't afraid of showing the late nights and no time for makeup days.


Lawyer | Minimalist with street edge
Aggie's outfits have clean lines and I love that she pairs most of her looks with extra pointy/studded shoes. She has an amazing collection of blazers and has recently incorporated animal prints seamlessly into her wardrobe.


IT Asset Management | Classic corporate having so much fun
You can feel Anu's positive energy through her page. Granted, I don't personally know her, nor have we ever talked, but her smile and captions make me believe that she's having the most fun. I think her style represents that as well - she sticks to classic silhouettes, but definitely has more fun with it.


Banker | Chic and unique
With an amazing sense of style and creativity, Priya plays with layers, colors, patterns on patterns and makes it all work together. I love all of her blazers and seeing her outfits evolve with the seasons.


Lawyer & Commercial Property Valuer | Not your classic corporate girls
You'll see the occasional pencil skirt, but Becky and Sophie have lots of fun with patterns, colors, and trendy silhouettes like culottes. But more importantly, who doesn't love two friends having fun together?


Hope you get some inspiration in 2019 from these amazing ladies! Given them a follow and support the great work they're doing and conversations they're starting.

This is the beginning of a longer series called Project | Style - a collection of posts that will provide practical styling tips from different working women across industries.

Excited to keep growing with you all in 2019!


🖤 Quynh

Note: There are so many more awesome women beyond this list killin' it in the workwear game and I definitely haven't come across all of them in my research either. Please drop a comment with any other influencers/bloggers I missed and you love!


  • The Career Edit: January 03, 2019

    All the women featured here have great style. I already follow most of them but it’s been a great way for me to discover a couple of other ones to follow! Thank you for putting the list together and well done to all the ladies!
  • Funmi Ajibade: January 02, 2019

    Cool classy ladies with great workwear style..

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