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Project|Style: Kim Le, IT Consultant @kim.tle

Posted on February 19 2019

Project|Style: Kim Le, IT Consultant @kim.tle

About Kim

What is your '925'? 
I’m an IT consultant at one of the big four public accounting firms with clients in the telecommunications, insurance, and consumer brand industry.

What is your work dress code? 
The firm’s office code is casual but I’m at the client’s site 80% of the year so I always match the client’s dress code.

Where do you get your daily dose of happiness? 
I’m in the process of building a house! Whenever I get a chance to work on things related to it, I’m pretty happy 😊


Workwear Style Tips

What is your personal style? 
I like clean lines, solid colors, and minimal abstract. My wardrobe mostly consist of neutrals with a few pastel pieces.

How do you adapt it for the workplace? 
Over the last year, I’ve transitioned into a ‘capsule wardrobe’ for work. That was mainly to cut down on clutter and cost. I focus my time (and money) on purchasing more expensive but timeless pieces. This has led me to truly appreciate when selecting and taking care of my clothes. The transition to a minimalistic wardrobe has resulted in less decisions in the mornings and quicker styling!

What do you look for in workwear? 
I absolutely love blouses/tops that are flowy with a bit of room. I invest in pieces that have clean cuts and simple neckline. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed majority of the items I had to retire are ones that had interesting/trendy neckline. I’ve learned my lesson so I try not to fall for trends and resort to only buying blouses with simple neckline and detailings.

What workwear pieces would you invest in? 
Shoes! I will not hesitate to pay decent money on a pair of comfortable pumps and flats.

What workwear pieces do you change up more frequently? 
Outerwear – I like to keep my capsule wardrobe to a maximum of 15 – 20 (tops and bottoms) pieces and transition outerwear a couple times a year.

What’s your #1 tip for looking and feeling good when you are exhausted or have little time to get ready? 
Throw on a sport blazer, put your hair in a bun, apply on some blush and rosy lips 😊 

What is your favorite trend right now and how do you make it work appropriate? 
Maxi-Dresses! This one is on my dare-to-wear list. I saw a client pulled it off with a high-knee boot and she really rocked it! It was professional and chic!

What’s your favorite Project 925 piece? 
The FRNCH Pleated Blouse, Ctrl+B Amara Blazer, and AMOA Side Tie Dress! These three pieces are what I would considered staples.


How to stay connected with Kim


Instagram: @kim.tle


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