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Project|Style: Nena Evans, FinTech Analyst @nenaevans

Posted on May 23 2019

Project|Style: Nena Evans, FinTech Analyst @nenaevans

About Nena

What’s your '925' and how did you get there?
I’m an analyst at a FinTech startup. I graduated from UVA with a degree in Statistics and have been in data ever since!

What gives you joy and motivation in your career?
Excellence is one of my core values. Being good at what I do is extremely important to me and wanting to constantly improve is what motivates me in my career. People give me joy! Connecting with coworkers and helping customers, both internal and external gives me a sense of purpose and happiness at work.

What’s the most fun you’ve had with your work friends?
Couple’s date night! A group of 4 of us and our significant others went out for dinner and drinks and had a blast. It’s amazing what getting to know people outside of work can do for the soul. It also doesn’t hurt that your collaboration and teamwork only improves after getting to know your coworkers away from the office.

What’s your morning routine during the week?
As soon as I wake up I work on my blog. Most mornings it’s editing pictures, planning posts, and responding to emails. Then I get ready - usually very minimal hair and makeup. I always pick out my outfit the night before which saves me so much time! Once I’m done, I guzzle my coffee on my commute. I really need to start getting up earlier so that I can savor my morning cup and be less rushed! That’s constantly a goal of mine.


Professional Style Tips

What’s your professional style?
My professional style is effortless, polished, and bit unexpected. I love sticking to staples like neutrals and simple silhouettes and adding a bit of flare with playful accessories.

How do you break the monotony of the “work uniform”?
I’m a neutral girl at heart, but there’s something about a pop of color that can spice things up and really energize my work wardrobe. I have a pair of pink high waisted pants that always put a smile on my face no matter what type of day I’m having.

What’s your go-to confidence booster workwear item?
A tailored pencil skirt. There is just nothing like it! I am not usually drawn to skirts at all, but when I need a little extra boost, it’s my go-to. Instantaneous boss and since I rarely wear them it really makes a statement.

If you had a professional style starter pack, what would be in it?
A good pair of trousers, a comfortable pair of pumps, a tailored blazer, a printed accessory (scarf, shoes, and/or belt), and a white top. You can never have too many white tops! These are all perfect for mixing and matching and really make your wardrobe options limitless.

What is your favorite trend right now and how do you make it work appropriate?
There are so many good ones! My favorite right now is animal print. I have a leopard blazer, leopard flats, snakeskin mules, a python print shirt and so much more. My advice is to find pieces that are high quality material. This will keep you looking polished, professional, and totally office appropriate. I always suggest starting small when testing out new trends. Try a leopard belt or a snakeskin flats first, then as you become more comfortable branch out and try a bold animal print top!

What’s your #1 tip for looking and feeling good when you’re exhausted and have little time to get ready?
My #1 style tip is to always pick out your outfit at night! My mom gave me this advice when I was in elementary school and it has stuck with me ever since. I can’t tell you how many times this trick has saved me. This is the key to looking polished and chic in a time crunch! I also recommend finding a simple “getting ready” routine that you can master and execute in under 20 minutes.

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