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Project|Style: Paxton Lewis, IP Attorney @pinkpantsuitsociety

Posted on February 05 2019


About Paxton

What is your '925'? 
I am an attorney, specializing in intellectual property litigation.

What is your work dress code? 
My work’s dress code is business casual, varying on the spectrum between a polished casual look and a business professional suit depending on the day’s activities. But my work dress code is always at least one step above my work’s expectations. As a woman in a predominantly male field and especially as a young professional who is often mistaken for an intern, I find it important to step up my personal work dress code.

Where do you get your daily dose of happiness? 
I find myself constantly smiling from my passion for my job, my work colleagues’ silly humor, and my loving pupperino (aka my dog Enzo).


Workwear Style Tips

What is your personal style? 
Polished, classic, and feminine with a touch of my personal unique style (which sometimes means being extra comfy, a bit casual, or a little edgy)

How do you adapt it for the workplace? 
I love challenging myself to find pieces that are both professional and comfortable. For example, I like searching for dresses that have a unique neckline or provide a little structure (e.g., shoulder pads) while maintaining a stretchy comfortable material. If I am adding a bit of a bold or edgy piece to my business look of the day, I try to balance it with more classic pieces. For example, I absolutely love snakeskin patterns, which can be quite bold depending on the exact pattern. I like to choose a mix of neutral colors in a snakeskin pattern and pair that with black, white, and pastel colors.

What do you look for in workwear? 
Affordability and availability are at the center of my workwear searches. Finding business appropriate pieces that are accessible to women entering the corporate world is so important to me. And having options, such as varying sizes, colors, and fit, is key to accessibility for women to find a professional and appropriate style. Combine the two and women have the ability to explore various trends and find their unique sense of style for work without breaking the bank.

What workwear pieces would you invest in? 
Rather than an investing in specific workwear pieces, I would recommend finding the workwear pieces that make you feel confident, composed, and professional. The price, style, brand, etc. matter little so long as they make you feel good. Then invest in a seamstress. I don’t mean having everything tailored. But I learned early on from a wise woman and fashion role model in the legal world that a perfectly tailored shirt results in a perfectly polished look. I personally buy $50 suits and spend an equal amount on tailoring that suit because it looks 10X better than buying a $200 okay-fitting suit!

What workwear pieces do you change up more frequently? 
Shoes! Mixing up your shoes can completely change an outfit! And as a person who is a bit tough on my shoes (I’ll walk miles in 4-inch stiletto pumps haha), I absolutely love purchasing $30-50 shoes from DSW that will hold up as well as most $200 pairs of shoes and that I can change up frequently to rework an outfit!

What’s your #1 tip for looking and feeling good when you are exhausted or have little time to get ready? 
Keep dry shampoo and your go-to lipstick at work. Whenever I feel exhausted or have little time to get ready, the first thing to go out the window isn’t my breakfast or sleep or workout; it’s washing my hair and putting on makeup (even though those are the two things that prevent any man from saying, “wow you look tired today” *insert eye roll*). Dry shampoo adds a little volume to my hair, always smells like fresh linen or something fruity, and immediately makes me feel more composed. And lipstick always takes away from the sleepy eyes and somehow immediately manages to make me feel drastically more put together.

What is your favorite trend right now and how do you make it work appropriate? 
Overalls! I absolutely love overalls and jumpsuits. I am personally a huge fan of the jumpsuits with suspender-like straps to create an in-between overalls and jumpsuit sort of look. It’s professional and a little masculine in a female-empowerment sort of way.

What’s your favorite Project 925 piece? 
I absolutely love the Oscar Coat! I’m a huge fan of versatile pieces and that coat is the queen of versatility! It’s a perfect in-between for a coat and blazer so it’s great in the fall and spring as a coat and wonderful for layering as a blazer with your favorite coat in the winter! I also adore the collar. The slightly popped collar gives off a posh and preppy look in all the right ways and the simple flat lapel adds another layer of versatility, expanding your options for shirts to pair underneath!

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  • Thatcorporatechic : May 22, 2019

    Enjoyed reading your write up, Paxton !!
    I also a firm believer in finding workwear outfit that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident..
    Best wishes.

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