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April 13, 2020

Posted on April 13 2020

How we're approaching the week #ridethewave

Also, Coachella's documentary is now available on YouTube.


  • What everyone is talking about – the NY Times article that details information President Trump had on the Coronavirus since January and what kept him from taking action until March.

  • Feel good – 17-year old, Danny Goldberg, started ZTB, a non-profit where Zoomers deliver groceries to Boomers. He launched their website on March 18th in Santa Barbara, started delivering orders the next day, and is now in 12 cities. Here’s his incredible story.



  • McKinsey published a report on the nine potential scenarios for the economic impact of COVID-19. Scenarios are based on public health and economic policy responses. Here’s the full report. But if you’ve got to run, here’s the cliff notes version.

  • While the markets rallied last week, 1st quarter earnings are just about to come out and we’ll begin to see the impact COVID-19 has had on public companies. Many companies have taken back their guidances for the year and no one really knows what’s going to happen. Financial sector companies will announce their earnings this week. Get ready for another roller-coaster.



  • Stimulus checks en route – the first wave of stimulus checks was deposited into taxpayers’ bank accounts on Saturday. For those receiving paper checks, the first batch will be mailed the week of May 4th at a rate of ~5M checks per week starting with individuals with the lowest adjusted gross income.



    • American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommended suspending fertility treatments for an undetermined amount of time due to Coronavirus and social distancing guidelines. Unfortunately, thousands of women are impacted and the question remains, what is considered essential vs. not?

    • Fun – take a little break and read your horoscope for the week. Anyone else remember when you had to wait for your monthly magazine subscription to read your horoscope? Or even better, quickly reading it in the grocery aisle if your parents didn’t let you get a subscription?


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