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The destination for working women to __________.


We have so much to learn from each other. What our companies are doing well, what they're not. Productivity tips. Management tips. How to "balance" priorities outside of work. Every situation is so unique and there's no right answer.

We're building a place for you to connect, share and help one another through these challenging career situations. Our platform is launching soon, so suggest topics that are important to you.

Stay informed

There's content everywhere! Yet a simple summary tailored to you is missing. theWKDY is our weekday newsletter covering all the key news and topics that are relevant to you - a no BS professional woman who's busy making things happen.

Be yourself

Workwear doesn't need to be uniform or boring. Times are changing and it's even more important for you to define your own professional style. Because we know that when you are yourself at work, you create space for other people to do the same.

But we've heard your frustrations - you don't have time
to scour the internet for workwear you actually like. That's why we're creating a new way to shop that simplifies and personalizes the experience. Learn about what we're building.

Our why...

I started Project 925 because I saw a need for better women's workwear. But through my experience building this shopping destination, I realized my passion was more about the women I wanted Project 925 to serve and less about the clothes themselves.

Project 925 is my opportunity to create something valuable for working women. It's no secret our journey is tough and it only gets tougher as we progress forward. My hope is to help you make your impact so we collectively change it all.

Always your fan,

Quynh Onel
Founder, Project 925